Southern Tasmania
Ingomar House
Services Included
Free and confidential counselling and support for children and adults who are affected by sexual assault at any time in their lives.
Support and information to carers, parents and support people.
Counselling, support and information in relation to problem sexual behaviour for children under 13 years.
24/7 Rape Crisis Response (Ph: (03) 62311817) provides support and information for victims of recent rape and assault to make informed choices.
Support with reporting the crime to police, accessing medical support including forensic examination, medical checkup and/or access to emergency contraception and access to ongoing counselling.
The SASS Community Education team provides community access to information, training and professional development regarding the impact of sexual assault.
Crisis Support Line: 1800 697 877
(03) 6231 0044
31-33 Tower Road, New Town, TAS 7008