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Children's Contact Service

A service providing safe and positive contact arrangements for children to spend time with their parent or other significant person.

The Children’s Contact Service makes it possible for contact arrangements to take place with a minimum of stress both for children and their parents. It can also help with establishing or building a relationship between a child and parent when there has been a period of limited or no contact.

The Children’s Contact Service will seek, and must have agreement from both parents before services can be offered, this includes agreement from both parents even if court ordered to use the service.

Current Wait Times:

Weekend Supervised Visits - 4 Weeks

Weekday Supervised Visits - No Wait List

Changeover Service - No Wait List

Services Included
- Planning for contact arrangements
- Supervised contact visits to enable the child/ren and visiting parent to enjoy quality time together
- Supported contact visits for occasions where parents need a neutral venue with limited staff involvement.
- Facilitated changeovers to enable the child/ren to be transferred smoothly from one parent to the other at contact times
- Safety planning including separate appointments for parents, alternate entry and exit doors and separate arrival and departure times for parents
- Age appropriate toys, games and equipment for parents to engage in activities with their child/ren.
5 Steps to accessing a Children’s Contact Service

1. One parent calls the Children’s Contact Service and completes a short telephone intake.

2. The Children’s Contact Service will contact the other parent by letter or phone to seek agreement to use the service. If both parents agree, they proceed to step 3.

3. Intake Assessment Interview
The Children’s Contact Service will arrange an intake interview. This is to assess the suitability of our service and understand and sign the CCS service agreement. Please refer to the ‘Times’ tab on the Tas Family Law Pathways website or call a Children’s Contact Service for wait times for an intake interview. When both parties have completed an Intake Interview, they proceed to step 4.

4. Child Orientation Assessment
The child/ren will be asked to attend an orientation visit approximately one week before the first visit is to occur. This is to assess the suitability of the Children’s Contact Service for your child/ren and their ability to separate from their primary carer.

5. Contact Arrangements Commence
With agreement from both parties Visits or Changeovers commence following a successful child orientation session.
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