Positive Solutions (Devonport)
North West & Western Tasmania
Positive Solutions: Counselling Services

Positive Solutions began in 1991 as the Community Mediation Service Tasmania. At that time Positive Solutions dealt primarily with neighbourhood and community disputes.
In 1996 we expanded our services to include family and separation mediation as a result of receiving funding from the Federal Attorney-General. This funding has continued and extends to Launceston and the East Coast. In 2012 Positive Solutions became owners of ‘MW Plus’ Employee Assistance Programs EAP (Employee Assistance Provision) Counselling.

The services Positive Solutions provides includes:

Family Mediation:

Family mediation for Parenting and/or Property issues
Child Inclusive mediation
Child Focused mediation
Whole-of-family mediation

Workplace Mediation

Community Mediation


Relationship and Family Counselling
Individual Counselling
Counselling for Separating Families and Couples
Step-Family Counselling & Support

Employee Assistance Counselling & Support

Please Note:

As of the 15th of June, Positive Solutions has re-instated face to face appointments, and welcome all new enquiries and current clients back to their offices.

(03) 6223 5612
68 Oldaker Street, Devonport, 7310, TAS