North West & Western Tasmania

Glenhaven Family Care offers a range of early intervention support services to families.
We offer assistance to children, young people and their families to give them every opportunity to succeed.

Services Included
Temcare - Temcare provides temporary care for children and young people with approved volunteer carer families. Children require care for many reasons including: A crisis or emergency situation such as illness, high stress or family issue. When parents need a break from caring for their children and require support in their parenting role. When there are issues of abuse and neglect and a child needs a safe place to live while these issues are being addressed. Lack of family and community support.
Cottage Care - Glenhaven Cottage Care provides home-based care for young people and sibling groups on care and protection orders on a long-term basis.
Glenhaven Support Program - Glenhaven Support Program provides longer term care for children and young people on care and protection orders. This care is provided by approved volunteer carer families.
Integrated Family Support Service (IFSS)- IFSS is a voluntary service aiming to provide early intervention to families in need.We offer assistance to families to implement ways to overcome their immediate challenges and build resilience for the future. We work with the existing strengths of the children and their families to identify solutions. Support to families may include the provision of information & advice, counselling, advocacy, links to other services, supported referral, facilitation of family meetings, skills development and strengthening relationships. Referrals to Glenhaven’s Integrated Family Support Service must come through the Gateway Service. Phone the Glenhaven Office for details.
Glenhaven Family Care is primarily funded by the Tasmanian State Government through the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS).
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