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Positive Solutions: Counselling Services

Positive Solutions began in 1991 as the "Community Mediation Service Tasmania" At that time, Positive Solutions dealt primarily with neighbourhood and community disputes.
In 1996 we expanded our services to include family and separation mediation, as a result of receiving funding from the Federal Attorney-General. This funding has continued and extends to Launceston and the East Coast.
In 2012 Positive Solutions became owners of ‘MW Plus’ Employee Assistance Programs, and added a suite of contracts with large and medium sized employers. Thus we provide professional counselling and mediation services to employees and their families.

With skilled mediators and counsellors

Services Include:
  • EAP (Employee Assistance Provision) Counselling; EAP counselling is usually provided free to staff under a contract arrangement with the employer. The counselling is confidential, and your employer need not know who has come, nor any detail of the service (unless you specifically want us to provide a report). Counselling is short-term (3-4 sessions) and is designed to help you solve problems, meet challenges, and improve relationships. The contract with the employer usually includes counselling for your spouse/partner/dependent children if they want to access the service.
  • General and family counselling including Stepfamilies;

Counselling is available to all people regardless of gender, social or economic status, lifestyle choice, age, religion or cultural background.

Fees – with a variety of services and changing subsidy we ask you to phone 1800 064 039 and ask, they vary from Free, to subsidised for family mediation to commercial rates. As a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation they tend to be low.



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Counselling and Psychology Services

How to Contact:

Phone: 03 6334 9151

Other Phone: 1800 064 039



76 York St
Launceston, TAS, 7250