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Family Violence Counselling and Support Service

FVCSS Adult Program

The Family Violence Counselling and Support Service (FVCSS) is a statewide Tasmanian Government service that provides professional specialised services to assist adults, children and young people impacted by the experience of family violence.
FVCSS is divided into two programmes, which are the Adult Program and the Children and Young Persons Program (CHYPP).
FVCSS Adult Program is a free service that works with adults who have been identified as victims of domestic/family violence.
The Children and Young Persons’ Program (CHYPP) provides therapeutic counselling and support to children and young people affected by domestic/family violence.
FVCSS is part of the whole-of-government Safe at Home strategy to address the issue of family violence in the Tasmanian community.
In Tasmania Family Violence is recognised as a crime and as a form of Child Abuse.

Services Include:
  • • The provision of information relating to the experience or impact of family violence.
  • Advocacy and support accessing assistance related to the impacts of family violence.
  • Therapeutic counselling in relation to the impact of the experience of family violence and trauma related issues.
  • Support, information and counselling for the non-offending parent in relation to the impact of family violence on children.
  • Information provision to family, friends and support networks.
  • Group work programs for affected adults.
  • Liaison with Government and non-government sector on behalf of clients.
  • Participation in related case coordination meetings with other Safe at Home service providers, to support access to appropriate responses for clients.


Family Violence

How to Contact:

Phone: 1800 608 122


Opening Hours:
9am - midnight weekdays, 4pm - midnight weekends or public holidays