North West & Western Tasmania

The SANE Helpline provides information advice and referral about mental health concerns and mental illness, over the phone. SANE Australia offers easy to read pamphlets and other information that can be sent out on request.
The SANE Helpline is provides information about symptoms, treatments, medications, where to go for support and help for carers. The helpline intended to provide general information only, to residents of Australia. The service does not provide specific advice, which should be sought from an appropriately qualified professional person.
SANE Australia is committed to protecting the confidentiality, security and privacy of personal information held on its records. The SANE Privacy Policy conforms to the Privacy Act (1998) and National Privacy Principles (2001). SANE Australia reserves the right to override this confidentiality in special circumstances, where someone is deemed to be at risk. If you have any queries regarding the SANE Helpline, please contact or call 1800 18 SANE (7263).
SANE also provides a Helpline Online service. You can use this to ask questions about mental illness and related topics. Enquiries are usually answered within 3 working days. Use Helpline Online for more specific information and referral to support agencies (it is not a counselling service).

9am to 5pm (EST)- Monday to Friday
1800 187 263
Postal Address
PO Box 226 South Melbourne VIC 3205