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Professional family law mediation services
FDR Private is an independent mediation provider of Family Dispute Resolution (FDR). Unless exempted, participation in FDR is mandatory for parenting disputes before going to Court. Our mediators (FDRPs) are former family lawyers now working exclusively in mediation. They are senior FDRPs with a background in law and the social sciences.

We provide an affordable alternative to the not-for-profits – which are known for long wait times and high staff turnover. We offer face-to-face mediations or a remote service through online platforms such as Microsoft Teams. We charge $90/hour per party and aim to improve access to justice by providing high quality, prompt and affordable FDR. We conduct mediations for parenting and property settlement disputes.

Family Dispute Resolution (or FDR) is the term used under the Australian Family Law for family law mediation.

FDR can be especially helpful as an early intervention after separation - helping to reduce the escalation of conflict.

FDR can avoid a costly and drawn out legal process - and lawyer involvement is optional with FDR Private.

Participation in FDR is now mandatory before going to Court for parenting disputes, except in certain cases - including where there is urgency, child abuse or family violence.

Mediators who conduct FDR are known as Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRPs) under the Family Law. They have post graduate qualifications in FDR and are registered with the Attorney-General's Department (Cth) to practice. FDRPs are authorised to issue section 60I certificates. These certificates enable a person to proceed to Court if FDR does not resolve the parenting dispute or is not appropriate for the parties.

Services Included
- property and financial settlement mediation
- mediation for parenting arrangements
- elder mediation
Disability Access
Our office at 85 Macquarie Street has wheelchair access. We also offer services remotely using online platforms such as Microsoft Teams.
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