Northern Tasmania

Mothers in Mind is a mother and child group designed specifically to meet the parenting needs of mothers who have experienced trauma, such as family violence, childhood abuse or sexual assault, and have children under the age of 4.

Being a mum can be hard at times. Upsetting experiences in your past or present can add unique challenges when parenting young children.

The program is called Mothers in Mind because we believe that when you have experienced hurtful events in your life, thinking positively about yourself as a mother is the first step to becoming the parent you want to be.

The 10 week program helps mothers to learn new ways to manage stress and other challenging feelings, foster healthy self esteem and respond to their children in a sensitive, supportive and effective manner.

Mothers who participate in Mothers in Mind will:

Talk about parenting issues with other mothers who have had similar experiences
Get a chance to spend some time playing with their child
Discover helpful ways to cope with anger, worry and stress.
Increase their confidence in responding to their children who may have been exposed to hurtful behaviours
Explore what helps children feel safe and secure
Find practical ways to take some time for themselves during this busy stage of life.

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