North West & Western Tasmania
For children aged 0-5 who have experienced trauma

Children can be difficult, especially if they've experienced trauma early on. NESTS can help you to understand why your children behave the way they do, and help you to change your child's behaviour in the best way possible. 

NESTS dig deep to uncover a child's underlying issues.

NESTS can teach you how to do 'brain therapy' for children who need help to heal from traumatic things that happened when they were little.

NESTS can help you tune in when your child's behaviour is particularly difficult or when they really need something from you.

NESTS gives parents, teachers and children's tools they can use to help children calm down during difficult times.

NESTS is a free service.

NESTS is a program specific to the Northwest Coast. It is a voluntary program for 0-5 year olds (including unborn children) and their primary care giver.

NESTS provides intensive family therapy to children who have experienced relational trauma due to a disruption in bonding and attachment which can severely compromise a child's normal healthy development.

We work with caregivers to enhance real and felt attachment-security with their child creating significant and positive long term consequences for the child's neurobiological, emotional, cognitive and behavioural functioning.

Contact us if you would like to access this service. All referrals are made to the Gateway Service run by Mission Australia.

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